Behind the Scenes: Brand Photoshoot with Elizabeth Bloom

Working with my former colleague turned small business owner, Elizabeth Bloom, was a dream come true! She is a creative director, illustrator, and graphic designer who does commissions for brands, events, interiors, and fine art. Check out her aesthetic, must-follow Instagram here: Elizabeth Bloom.

The brand shoot process started out well before the day of the photoshoot with a planning call to design a bespoke experience that aligned with Liz's brand. We decided to do a "day in the life" at Elizabeth Bloom's studio and shot in Liz's tranquil space highlighting both a painting project and a new product launch for a wallpaper collaboration that she recently launched with Liza Pruitt.

The Process

Before the shoot: Liz and I had the planning call about one week prior to the shoot to review moodboards, discuss vision, look at styling, and figure out props. Brand shoots like this are a passion of mine because I am able to draw on my years of creative experience in the fashion industry styling and collaborating with up and coming brands. I was able to advise Liz on style choices and created a storyboard to help us tell a visual story about a day in the life in her studio. This helped bring the brand, Elizabeth Bloom, to life and made the photos more dynamic. To help the photoshoot feel more relaxed and fun, I made sure to prep a playlist with songs that I felt like captured Elizabeth Bloom. Check out Elizabeth Bloom's playlist here.

The day of the shoot: the morning was filled with excitement and anticipation! It was one of those bi-polar winter mornings in DC where it started off snowing and made for the perfect cozy vibe in Liz's studio. The carefully curated story board came to life as we worked together to combine her vision with my creative expertise. While meticulous planning is essential, the magic often happens in unscripted moments. Encouraging Liz to embrace spontaneity allowed for authentic expressions and emotions to surface. Liz and I fed off of each other's energy; as she moved freely in her space, I was able to capture organic shots that were true to her brand. Candid shots capturing laughter, concentration, and moments of reflection added depth to the visual narrative, creating a genuine connection between Liz and her audience. As we ended the shoot, the snow had stopped and the sun was shining! It was such a fun morning in her studio.

Post-shoot and storytelling: enter the post-production phase. Sorting through the treasure trove of images, I aimed to curate a collection that would tell a cohesive story. Each photograph became a piece of a larger story of Liz's brand, conveying not just her craft but also her journey, passion, and authenticity. One of the most important steps in the process is organizing the photos and editing them to highlight the natural beauty of the subject.

All in all: as the final images emerged, I couldn't help but feel a sense of accomplishment. The brand photo shoot was not just about showcasing Liz's talent; it was about telling her story in a visual language. Through collaboration, trust, and creative exploration, we had succeeded in creating a series of images that not only reflected Liz's brand but also connected with a broader audience. The experience reinforced the belief that, as a photographer, my role extends beyond capturing moments; it involves translating the intangible into a tangible form of art that resonates with both the artist and their admirers.

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What Liz had to say about her photoshoot

Shooting with photographer Caroline Jean Gray was an absolute delight and exceeded all my expectations. From the moment we started, her timeliness and professionalism set the tone for a seamless and enjoyable experience. What stood out the most was her ability to make me feel incredibly comfortable throughout the shoot. Caroline not only provided valuable styling and direction but also fostered a collaborative environment where I felt free to move organically within my space. Her openness to my ideas made the shoot a true partnership, resulting in a collection of photos that truly reflect me. I am ecstatic with the outcome – Caroline captured not only my essence but also managed to enhance my features in ways that pleasantly surprised me. I couldn't be happier with the entire experience and the stunning images she produced.- Elizabeth Bloom

Looking to bring your brand to life with a brand photoshoot?

From headshots to editorial images to product launches; I would love to tell your brand's story. Each shoot is designed bespoke to your needs, with options for half-day and full-day shoots. If you have no idea where to start, then don’t worry – I work with each client to produce a comprehensive shoot brief and can source everything from locations to models if required.

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