Behind the Scenes: Sunrise to Sunset Photo Shoot in Jupiter

This photo session with the Lashmet family was special on so many levels! It was so much fun documenting Annie and her husband, Chris, along with their new addition, Rita Rose. Rita was born this fall and this was her first time experiencing the waves crashing on the beach! Rita was all smiles for sunrise with her parents, auntie, and grandparents. As the sun rose, the Lashmets laughed, hugged, and made precious memories during their beach photo shoot. It marked the start of many adventures with their new baby girl, filled with joy and love. Luckily, the day had only just begun. After recharging back at home, Annie's dad had plans to take us out for a sunset cruise!

Sunset Session

After a delightful day in Jupiter, Annie's dad treated us to a sunset cruise. The photos from that evening are simply stunning! Each one brims with joy and love, capturing the essence of our unforgettable adventure. We even brought along their pups!

Listen to the playlist that fueled our day! This playlist is inspired by the summer that Annie and I spent abroad in London in 2012 (so long ago!). We became slightly obsessed with Snow Patrol and saw them THREE different times in and around London. We also went to a music festival outside of Edinburgh, Scotland where we saw Florence and the Machine, Mike Snow, and the Temper Trap! We were in our concert-going prime... 


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