A Note from Caroline: World Equestrian Center Recap

As a lifelong competitive equestrian, it did not take me long to respond YES to a generous invitation from my childhood riding trainer. The assignment: she wanted me to photograph eight of her talented riders at the World Equestrian Center horse show in Ocala, Florida. Early mornings, starting at 5:30 am, became my routine to catch the soft morning light as riders prepared their horses for the day ahead. The twelve hour days were worth it as each photo I captured tells the story of the deep connection between horse and rider. Three highlights from my weekend:

#1 4,000 Action Shots

Shooting over 4,000 photos in a mere three days, I discovered a newfound love of horse show photography. I felt nostalgic for the horse shows that I competed in during my childhood as I stood at the ring with my camera. It felt so good to be back at a horse show and at one of the premier horse shows in the nation no less!

#2 Equestrian Portrait Sessions

I shot my inaugural horse and rider portrait session with Sophie and her horse, Cronos. I absolutely love how the photos turned out. Witnessing Sophie's natural grace in front of the lens, and her love for her horse made the experience unforgettable. The colors were stunning; the backdrop of the mossy green trees combined with Sophie's blue dress and Cronos' deep chestnut color elevated the portraits.

#3 Horse Girl Nostalgia

One of my favorite moments from the weekend was getting to spend time with my trainer, Jenny, our barn manager, Sarah and so many friends that I have known for years. Sharing stories over dinner one night brought back memories of my childhood growing up with horses. Jenny, a second mom to me, had me in tears laughing so hard as we retold some of our favorites stories. My trip down to Ocala, Florida was more than a photography gig; it was a trip that was good for the soul. Discovering my strengths behind the lens and rediscovering the joy of horse shows, I found myself back in my happy place.

Work with me at your next horse show!
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